The Road She’s On

I pulled out my oldest daughter's baby book the other day and couldn't help but cry while I was looking at her baby pictures.  One picture in particular grasped my attention.  It was a picture of she and I the day I brought her home from the hospital.  The photo completely captured her innocence, and... Continue Reading →

When Two Hearts Collide

Do you ever ponder how we came to be? How I found you, and you found me? The winds of change were upon our backs. Completely unaware of what we previously lacked. Destiny knew better than us. We needed love; we needed trust. But more than that, we needed one another. In such a way,... Continue Reading →


Control you want; control of me? That is something I'll never allow you to see. For you are you; and I am me. You have no right to make my choice, I refuse to allow you to stifle my voice. Perhaps a look within yourself may show what you really seek. Or are you afraid... Continue Reading →

Love Remains

Death is one of the hardest things to get through in life. Especially when it is the death of someone we hold dearly. I lost my father two years ago this month. When this week in December comes 1 find myself reliving┬áthose last days with my father. I remember the phone call that cold Tuesday... Continue Reading →

You Are My Sunshine

Today I am lost in loving thoughts of my husband. The man who took me on, which I have to say was pretty brave given the circumstances at the time. He helped me to find my place in the world again, by giving me a place in his. Up until him, I had never experienced... Continue Reading →

Grief Season

I woke to a bright, shining sun on a lavish field of flowers, Then the clouds moved in bringing old, familiar showers. I hated their sight; I've seen them before, Always just out of sight, never completely closing that door. I just want to sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun, not having to... Continue Reading →


The road I've paved is rocky and rough, The decisions I make are courageous and tough. There is a beautiful light within my soul, It's been smothered with the weight of life by ashes and coal. I pick my head up for the first time in a while, Life's crossroads lie ahead, sorting my experiences... Continue Reading →

Harden Not Your Heart

I am a feeler by nature. I perceive the world around me through feelings and introspection. I can be very quiet sometimes, but it's only because I am deciphering my feelings and processing information so I can act accordingly. I think it's absolutely beautiful the way the Lord knows each one of us and reaches... Continue Reading →

My Brother Dearest

I will never forget that phone call in the wee morning hours on June 21, 1998. The police called my house looking for my dad, which was very odd being he didn't live with me. I called my dad and told him that he should call and see what they wanted. Dad was sort of... Continue Reading →

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