I woke to a bright, shining sun on a lavish field of flowers, Then the clouds moved in bringing old, familiar showers.

I hated their sight; I’ve seen them before,

Always just out of sight, never completely closing that door.

I just want to sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun, not having to think of the sound of that gun.

That hot summer night, when the mood was just right, When you shot that gun and took that flight.

The waves of pain roll down my cheeks,

The memories spill out, as they start to speak.

I can’t believe this season is back,
Please go away and let me unpack.

This hole in my heart is much too deep,
I just want to smile and no longer weep.

But with every tear, there is a reason,
Love pouring down, during grief season.

Time fades the pain more and more,
The spring will return just like before.

And just when I think I can bask in the sun’s glow, back with the clouds wouldn’t you know?

I loved you so much and I could never forget you, if grief were a color it would surely be blue.

You see when you left, part of me left too, It might seem sad, but it’s certainly true.

Deep grief is proof there was great love, fly high little brother, fly with the doves.

When this season returns and steals away my smile, I look to the sky and remember you as a child.

Before that season came and took away your sun, before it came and handed you that gun.

Time marches on and so do I,

I love you so much that sometimes I cry.

That’s OK, because it’s the way,

I still show my love, still to this day.

Grief season comes and goes,

Out of the rains and tides it flows.

So tonight I cry as I remember your flight,

But tomorrow will again be beautiful and bright.

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