I am a feeler by nature. I perceive the world around me through feelings and introspection. I can be very quiet sometimes, but it’s only because I am deciphering my feelings and processing information so I can act accordingly. I think it’s absolutely beautiful the way the Lord knows each one of us and reaches us by those means. He made us all individuals and he reaches each of us in unique ways. I was riding to work this morning thinking about God’s love for us. You know that feeling when something just touches your soul right to the core? I love that feeling! I always recognize it because it always brings tears to my eyes and chills up my spine. It’s like a kiss from God. Today I would like to share that kiss with all of you.

I thought about all the people out there that don’t know Him yet, or don’t believe He is real. Of all the things in life to miss out on, never knowing Him would be the saddest and greatest loss. It’s not that He isn’t trying to reach us all, it is us that have hardened hearts. Jesus loves us so much! He wants nothing more than love from us. True love that is. True love requires much, but true love is worth every effort and every sacrifice. You should never be afraid to suffer. Suffering is redemptive. There is no resurrection without the cross.

He stretched out his arms on that cross and invited the whole world in. Couldn’t we at least open our hearts to Him? There is nothing to lose, but every thing to gain. Do not harden your hearts because you feel your cross is too heavy. The heavier the cross the greater the resurrection. That was true with Christ and that holds true with each and every one of us. There must be some suffering, some death in order for something new to be born.

Our world is so broken, cold and loveless. Just look around. We live in a society that finds it completely acceptable to kill babies and the elderly. People hate other people out of ignorance and bigotry. Women are raped like they are simply some object for pleasure. Innocent children are beaten and neglected. People are starving to death needlessly. People are murdered for possessions.

Murder isn’t always the taking of physical life, it can also be the murder of someone’s character, or hating someone because of their race. Rape may not always necessarily mean the physical act, it can be in raping someone of their God given dignity by sexually harassing them. This list could go on for days, but you get the idea. Once people are comfortable with the lesser of the evils within each category of sin, well it makes it easier to gradually move up on that scale. The devil is tricky. He would like us to think our sins are not grave, so he can pull us deeper in his depths. Sin is a grave matter. It leads to death and demise.

Want to know how the world got this way? Look into the hearts of it’s inhabitants. They are cold and hard. They lack any real depth because they lack truth. They lack love, which creates a breeding ground for hate. They lack God, so the devil rules them. The utter disarray of the world is proof that we need God. It’s also proof of what happens without Him.

Want to make the world a better place? Open your heart to Him, be His friend. Then turn to the people closest to you and open your heart to them. Once he is in your heart, when you open your heart, you are sharing Him with the world. That is where true love starts. We should always look to console the divine heart of Jesus. As His friend, we shouldn’t want to drive those nails in any further, but rather to show Him love and compassion which He so deserves.

Open your hearts, not only to God, but to the world. This life isn’t about us or our happiness, it’s about what we can offer to the world. Without Him we can offer nothing.

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