Do you ever ponder how we came to be?

How I found you, and you found me?

The winds of change were upon our backs.

Completely unaware of what we previously lacked.

Destiny knew better than us.

We needed love; we needed trust.

But more than that, we needed one another.

In such a way, that we would forsake all others.

We needed that one person to have and to hold.

On sunny days, and when the days are cold.

You are my treasure, and the beat of my heart.

I loved you then and until death do us part.

You breathed love into me, where it once was lost,

I’m forever your girl, no matter the cost.

Lost in your eyes and the warmth of your embrace,

May we always be heart to heart and face to face.

Your truth and your character are a reminder to me,
That the best things in life, we cannot see.

It’s been a joy and an honor to be your bride,

Forever grateful for that day two hearts did collide.

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